Unidef DAO Docs
Learn the "what" and "why" of the Unidef DAO and U Protocol.
  • The Unidef DAO Docs serve as the central source of truth for Unidef DAO. It is a community-focused initiative led by Unidef Initiative for U Foundation to keep an up-to-date resource.
  • The Unidef DAO Docs is a suggested process for developing and advancing U Governance Proposals. It is a living document intended to be owned, modified, and enforced by the U community.


To begin, we should make clear the distinctions between the different areas of "Unidef", some of which may confuse new users.
  • Unidef: The global nonprofit organization and may refer to one or more of United Decentralized Economy Foundations members and their related entities, each of which is a separate legal entity. Unidef is a contributor to the U Ecosystem and will assist in the creation of products and experiences for the ecosystem as a whole.
  • Unidef DAO: A DAO Bringing the world to Decentralized Economy. A decentralized governance organization that will make decisions regarding Ecosystem Development Fund allocations, governance rules, projects, partnerships, and more. Unidef DAO membership is open to all U holders.
  • Unidef Governance: A governance system for governing the Unidef DAO, enabled by the U token.
  • Unidef Initiative for U Foundation: The Unidef Initiative for U Foundation is the steward of U, a legal entity that exists to administer the decisions of the Unidef DAO.
  • U: A token for Decentralized Economy.
The following is a brief overview of the Unidef DAO
Since the U is fairly new, it may not yet be available on all platforms. Currently, you can acquire U here. ( Exchanges Support U - Wallets Support U )
Partnerships or U use-cases which are sponsored by others do not require a governance proposal. Unidef DAO welcomes all free publicity and U use-cases.

About Unidef DAO

Unidef DAO’s vision is a “decentralized economy enabled by decentralized assets, decentralized technologies, and decentralized entities''. The vision and mission of Unidef DAO will be driven by U holders, contributors, and community leaders. The DAO hopes to support a broad range of projects in a decentralized economy, NFT, and Metaverse space.
U is for the decentralized economy and its value is correlated to the success of the ecosystem via various economic links. Predominantly:
  • Empower the decentralized economy at the forefront of the blockchain powered vision of the internet also known as web3.
  • Support new technologies that help people connect and explore in the metaverse.
  • Accelerate next-gen autonomous entities. Encourage autonomous entities to propose, build, and partner to enable fractal expansion.
  • Support a wide range of ideas and experiments.
  • Support builders directly connected to Unidef DAO via token holdings and pledges.
  • Token swap with existing and emerging projects.
  • Provide grants to teams that produce research or products that are public goods for the crypto industry.
  • Find ways for U value to be correlated to the whole ecosystem.
Together, we’re on a mission to bring the World to Decentralized Economy that empowers all.

About U

On 20st July 2022, 990 billion U decentralized currency was created and deployed on the BNB Smart Chain by a crypto-native entity known as a DAO. This digital asset is “owned and operated” and is a product of Unidef DAO, a brand new organizational unit governed entirely by U holders – not VCs, whales, or institutions. Holding U makes you a member of the DAO (that’s short for Decentralized Autonomous Organization, a kind of online collective centered around crypto).
U will not only have utility and governance capabilities but also will open new horizons in a metaverse, the blockchain-powered vision of the internet or web3, where the community hopes will serve as the primary currency for the ownership, and decentralized economy through its trusted networks and progressive utility.
The DAO is supported by the Unidef Initiative for U Foundation (UIUF), which was created to act as the legal steward of U and administer the decisions made by the Unidef DAO community. We believe U is the starting point of disruption to pursue the new, different by becoming the largest decentralized autonomous network of entities. It isn’t a buzzword, U is a path to helping the community to rethink what’s possible and create new realities.
In alignment with the mission of the DAO and in the best interest of the community, Unidef, has also adopted U as the primary token for all their new initiatives and services. This marks another milestone for the utility of the U.
The global U community is responsible for every aspect of the U Protocol and the DAO, and it’s just the beginning. We will continue to ready the community for complete decentralization for achieving self-sustaining Unidef DAO in the weeks and months ahead.
We’re so proud of what we’ve done and what it signifies. Complete decentralization of U means that future development and operation of the Protocol and the DAO will be determined by thousands or perhaps millions of engaged, enthusiastic community members, all determined to extend the benefits of the decentralized economy.
Let’s start by clarifying some terms:
Intro to Unidef DAO
Unidef DAO
Unidef Initiative for U
Unidef DAO
U Protocol
Unidef DAO


What Is the Relationship Between Unidef DAO and Unidef?
What Exchanges Support U?


This document provides guidance to the Unidef DAO with respect to our intent in establishing the U. Since it is impossible to predict the future with any certainty, the guidance cannot be very specific, but rather gives a general idea of our goals and aspirations.
All claims, content, designs, algorithms, estimates, roadmaps, specifications, and performance measurements described in this project are done with the author's best effort. It is up to the reader to check and validate their accuracy and truthfulness. Furthermore, nothing in this project constitutes a solicitation for investment.
U represent voting power on the future of Unidef DAO. No matter how acquired, simply holding U grants access to voting in governance. Under no circumstances, should any individuals, entities, natural persons, or legal persons claim ownership. Under no circumstances, should any individuals, entities, natural persons, or legal persons be excluded from acquiring and owning U if they agree to the Terms of Unidef DAO and comply with the laws and regulations of local governments or jurisdictions.
Unidef refers to the global nonprofit organization and may refer to one or more of United Decentralized Economy Foundations members and their related entities, each of which is a separate legal entity.


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